Clerk of Superior Court


  •  ~ Court Records
  •  ~ Deed and Plat Records
  •  ~ Notary Publics – $42.00
  •  ~ Passports
  •  ~ Trade Names – $162.00
  •  ~ Armed Force Discharges
  •  ~ Traffic Fine Collection
  •  ~ Jury Management
In addition, the Baldwin County Clerk of Superior Court provides service to the Superior Court, State Court, and Juvenile Court.

Citation Information

Tickets that do not require a court appearance should be paid before the due date listed in Section IV of the ticket. If you do not pay before the due date, you risk the suspension of your drivers’ license and a possible issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest. If tickets are not paid before their due date, you must appear in court at 8:30 a.m. the day the ticket is due.

If you wish to contest your citation, you must appear in court on the due date in Section IV of your ticket at 8:30 a.m. at the Baldwin County Courthouse, 4th Floor, Courtroom #1.


SpeedingTraffic FinesOther OffensesBoatingHuntingTrappingFishingDNR Offenses
Up to 15 mph over limit (56-70 MPH in a 55) (46-60 MPH in a 45) $153.00
16 to 20 mph over limit (71-75 MPH in a 55) (61-65 MPH in a 45) $187.00
21 to 25 mph over limit (76-80 MPH in a 55) (66-70 MPH in a 45) $222.00
26 to 30 mph over limit (81-85 MPH in a 55) (71-75 MPH in a 45) $290.00
31 to 40 mph over limit (86-95 MPH in a 55) (76-85 MPH in a 45) $731.00
Allow unlicensed person to drive $290.00
Colored Headlights $153.00
Concealing Identity of Vehicle with License Plates $700.00
Damage to Public Road $153.00
Defective Equipment (Cars) $153.00
Defective Equipment / Unsecured Load (Trucks) $290.00
Driving – No license on person $37.00
Violating Limited Drivers License $290.00
Expired Drivers License $153.00
Expired Tag $153.00
Failure to Dim Lights $153.00
Failure to Give Right Of Way To Emergency Vehicle  (Move Over Law) $221.00
Failure to Maintain Lane $153.00
Failure To Obtain Commerical CDL $290.00
Failure To Report Accident $358.00
Failure To Stop For School Bus $290.00
Failure To Stop For Stop Sign / Red Light $153.00
Failure To Wear Seatbelt (Adult) $15.00
Failure To Wear Seatbelt (Child 8 and Under) $50.00
Failure To Yield Right of Way $153.00
Faulty Equipment on Vehicle (Cars) $153.00
Faulty Equipment / Unsecured Load (Trucks) $290.00
Following Too Close $153.00
Hauling Cargo Without Authorized Authority $358.00
Improper Backing $153.00
Improper Driver’s License $290.00
Improper Lane Change $153.00
Improper Lane Usage $153.00
Improper License on Motorcycle $153.00
Improper Parking $153.00
Improper Signal $153.00
Improper Turn $153.00
Littering $354.00
Improper Tag $153.00
Loud Music $153.00
Open Container $221.00
Operate Motorcycle Without Helment $153.00
Parking In A No Park Zone $162.00
Passing In A No Pass Zone $153.00
Passing Within 100 FT of Intersection $153.00
Permitting Another To Drive Without License $290.00
Striking Fixed Object $153.00
Too Fast For Conditions $153.00
Weaving Over Roadway $153.00
Window Tint $153.00
Child Safety Restraint (8 and under) $50.00
Defective Equipment $153.00
Expired Tag $153.00
Expired Driver’s License $153.00
Failure to Stop for Stop Sign or Red Light $153.00
Failure to Stop for an Emergency Vehicle $153.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way $153.00
Improper Passing $153.00
Improper Tag Display $153.00
Loud Music $153.00
Window Tint Violation $153.00
No License on Person $153.00
Seatbelt Violation (adult) $15.00
Following too close $153.00
Parking in a Fire Lane $162.00
Allowing Passenger to Ride Bow/Gunwale $150.00
Expired Vessel Registration $164.00
Failure to Display Number of Watercraft $164.00
Failure to Obey Regulatory Markers $164.00
Failure to Obey Rules of the Water $164.00
Failure to Regulate Speed $164.00
Failure to Report Boat Accident $239.00
Failure to Stop for Inspection $239.00
Failure to Display Anchor Light $164.00
Failure to Wear PFD in Hazardous Zone $164.00
Operating Watercraft in Prohibited Zone $164.00
Operating Vessel with Improper Lights $164.00
Operating Vessel W/O Lights During Hours of Darkness $200.00
Operating Over Loaded Vessel $164.00
Operating PWC Over 5 mph within 100 ft of object $200.00
Operating PWC During Hours of Darkness $200.00
Fail to wear PFD on PWC $187.00
Operating Vessel Under Age 12 $187.00
Operating Unregistered Watercraft $187.00
Operating Watercraft within Zone $187.00
Operating Watercraft with no PFD on Child uner 10 $187.00
Operating Watercraft without Sufficient PFD’s $187.00
Operating Watercraft without CG Approved PFD’S $187.00
Operating Watercraft in Boating Safety Zone $200.00
Operating Watercraft W/O Fire Extinguisher $164.00
Reckless or Negligent Operation of Watercraft $394.00
Reckless or Negligent Operation of Water Ski $394.00
Skiing Before or After Legal Hours $164.00
Towing Skier Without PFD $164.00
Towing Skier Without Mirror or Observer $164.00
Destroying Evidence of Sex of Deer  (Remove Head) $134.00
Hunting Deer at Night $829.00
Hunting Deer With Dogs In Closed County $1,016.00
Hunting Deer Without Fluorescent Orange $164.00
Hunting From Four Wheeler $300.00
Hunting From Public Road $300.00
Hunting From Vehicle $366.00
Hunting From Watercraft $366.00
Hunting Out of Season $389.00
Hunting Out of Season (Hen/Turkey) $389.00
Hunting over Bait $459.00
Hunting Over Bait – Dove $164.00
Hunting Under the Influence $829.00
Hunting Under the Influence (Drugs/Marijuana) $829.00
Hunting Waterfowl without Federal Migratory Stamp $141.00
Hunting Waterfowl with Illegal Ammunition $141.00
Hunting Without a License (Any type) $164.00
Hunting Without a Big Game License (Non-Resident) $464.00
Hunting Without a License (Non Resident) $244.00
Hunting with Unplugged Gun $141.00
Hunting Ferral Hogs on Lands of Another $290.00
Illegal Possession of Wildlife $390.00
Interference with Arrest $829.00
Issuing Hunting License without Proof of Hunter Safety $164.00
Killing of Anterless Deer (Doe) $244.00
Littering (Single Item) $200.00
Littering (Dumping/Large Quantity $464.00
Violation Ga Waste Control Law $829.00
Solid Waste Handling Without Permit $829.00
Possession of Illegal Wildlife (Turkey) $389.00
Possession of Untagged Deer $141.00
Storing Wildlife Without Permit $141.00
Taking Migratory Game Birds Before/After Legal Hours $300.00
Taking Over Bag Limit  (12) $314.00
+ Each Addition $27.00
Taking Possession of Turkey Over Bait or In Closed Season $761.00
Taking Possession Protected Birds (Hawks/Owls) $761.00
Transporting Loaded Firearm $239.00
Giving False Statement To Officer $244.00
Failure To Carry .22 Rifle while Trapping $227.00
Failure To Carry Choke Stick while Trapping $227.00
Failure To Check Traps as Required $354.00
Failure To Mark/Tag Traps $354.00
Trapping On Public Road Right Of Way $354.00
Trapping Out Of Season $354.00
Trapping Without A License $354.00
Trapping Without Permission $354.00
Commercial Fish W/O License $452.00
Commercial Fish W/O License (Non Resident) $452.00
Dipping Fish $227.00
Exceeding Max Number of Baskets Allowed $452.00
Fishing Baskets In Closed Waters $307.00
Fishing By Illegal Methods $227.00
Fishing From Bridge $227.00
Fishing Without License $152.00
Fishing Without Permission $242.00
Fishing W/O WMA Stamp on PFA $137.00
Fishing PFA Between Sunset/Sunrise $187.00
Fishing On A Closed PFA $187.00
Possession of Undersized Fish $122.00
Possession Over Creel Limit + $10.00 Each $162.00
Shocking Fish $737.00
Shooting Fish $242.00
Snatching Fish $162.00
Taking/Possession Over Limit on PFA $137.00
Use of Illegal Nets $737.00
Driving on WMA $110.00
Hunting On A Closed WMA $365.00
Hunting Without WMA Stamp $115.00
Hunting Within 50 Yards Of WMA Road $130.00
Non – Resident Hunting Without WMA Stamp $220.00
Taking /Possession Illegal Deer on WMA $175.00
Possession Of Firearm on Closed WMA $365.00
Transporting /Possession Loaded Firearm in Vehicle on WMA $110.00
Under Influence of Intoxicants on WMA $220.00
Failure TO Report Kill On WMA $130.00
Failure To Check in on WMA $130.00
Possession Of Processed Deer/Hog On WMA $130.00

Pay Your Fine

There are several ways to pay a fine before your court date.

  •  ~ Pay in Person:  Come to the Baldwin County Courthouse, 2nd floor, room 209, 121 N. Wilkinson Street, Milledgeville, Ga. Methods of payment are: Cash, Money Order, or Debit(Visa or Mastercard only). Office hours are 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.
  •  ~ Pay by Mail:  Send Cashier’s check or Money Order to State Court of Baldwin County, P.O. Box 987, Milledgeville, Ga. 31059-0987. Please enclose a copy of your ticket or your ticket number somewhere on your payment. If you would like a receipt please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment.
  •  ~ Pay by Phone:  Call (478) 445-5391 with credit or debit card ready by 4:30 p.m.


Court Appearance

You must appear in court for the following citations:

  •  ~ DUI
  •  ~ Attempting to Elude
  •  ~ Driving with Suspended or Revoked License
  •  ~ No Insurance
  •  ~ Criminal Damage to Property
  •  ~ 21 or Younger Going 24 MPH Over Speed Limit
  •  ~ Anyone Going 40 MPH Over Speed Limit
  •  ~ Possession of Marijuana
  •  ~ Disorderly Conduct
  •  ~ Laying Dray
  •  ~ Reckless Driving
  •  ~ Possession of Alcohol by a Minor
  •  ~ Racing
  •  ~ No Driver’s License

If you are charged with any of these offenses, the State Court Solicitor’s Office will notify you.

For further information, please call the State Court Clerk’s Office @ (478) 445-5391.